Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pikmin 3, Fruit, and Rubber Space Ducks

I just recently had the privilege of picking up a copy of Pikmin 3 and I have to say, its just as charming and clever as ever. You play as Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie, all from the planet Koppai (not Hocotate). They're attempting to scout out new potential sources of food for their starving planet and land on PNF-404 (That's the unofficial name of the Pikmin planet. *Insert Error-404 Fruit Not Found Joke Here*).

 The problem is that it's by no means a safe landing. Each character ends up in a different corner of the planet with different Pikmin nearby. Fortunately, after you recover your comrades, most of your days are spent collecting what you came for...fruit juice.

However, without the precious Cosmic-Drive Key, the S.S. Drake can't lift off and thus the intrepid explorers are stuck on PNF-404 with their planet's survival in jeopardy.

I am only 10 hours and 13 minutes into the game, but thus far, I'm really enjoying the world, yet it seems as though it's already almost over. I feel like I just have a few more hours left of gameplay before I beat the game, but I could be wrong. I'm in the Formidable Oak, which (at least to me) appears to be the final area in which I must battle a colossal beast, the Plasma Wraith. It's a gold beast that constantly follows one of your astronauts (I won't say whom or why). I'll post more information and my full review of the game when I get an opportunity to do so.