Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dragon Quest X Is Headed To The PS4 And Nintendo Switch This Summer (At Least In Japan)

Square Enix has recently announced during a livestream that their MMORPG title Dragon Quest X releases on PS4 this summer, while their Nintendo Switch version will arrive this summer or autumnal season in Japan.

A beta test period is being planned prior to Dragon Quest X’s launch on PlayStation4 and the Nintendo Switch. Production of the Wii version of the game has already ended and they’re planning on terminating online services for it.

I'm still hoping for localization of this title here in the United States. Even if Square Enix determines that it would not be suitable for Western markets and doesn't follow through, I will either import the game physically, or download it via the e-shop to play (if that option is available). Both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles will be region free, meaning any game manufactured for the respective console can be played on it. I've been looking forward to this for about five years now.

Dragon Quest X is currently available on Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iPhone, Android, and PC.

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