Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online -- Update #3 -- Gameplay Footage

If you are interested, below is a link to Saigancat's Dragon Quest X videos. He is playing the Japanese version of the game on the Wii. Now that the Wii U version is also available in Japan, I'm really pulling for this game to come overseas and hit the international market. I might post pictures of the Dragon Quest X Miiverse artwork here as well since I find it absolutely amazing what these Japanese players can create. Here are some of the most popular posts (No, I didn't just pick these because of a certain, overly emphasized part of the female anatomy, even though it is my favorite attribute...):

Fan artwork of Erinn from Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
On REALLY rare occasions, I come across Japanese players writing in English.

It's a pity I can't read or write Japanese kanji...I would really enjoy reading the comments, criticisms, or concerns of the players over there. What I do when I'm desperate, to see what's going on, is use a PC with access to Google Chrome or Google Translate and I often get a vague translation or crude understanding of what is being said. Every now and then, I come across American or European commenters also pleading for a release in their respective region and I show my support by commenting and giving them a "Yeah!". If Earthbound (Mother 2) can be given a release in this manner, perhaps Dragon Quest X will get a similar opportunity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my head held high!!!

For those of you that would like some more "substantial" information, Dragon Quest X hasn't sold as well as Square Enix had initially hoped. Below are the figures taken from www.vgchartz.com, one of the leading websites dedicated to providing sales data.

Wii U Sales Data
As you may have already noticed, in its first week on the Wii U, the total sales for the game's debut ended at 34,505 units. This is much lower than expected, especially for a Dragon Quest title.

Wii Sales Data


Saigancat -- Let's Play Dragon Quest X! Playlist

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