Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Vacation...I Eagerly Await Your Embrace

Hey folks!!! Quick little update since I'm in my final week of college classes before I take my final exams and enjoy my summer break. I'm excited to inform you that I have pre-ordered my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS (I've got $25 dollars on it thus far, courtesy of and Watch Dogs for the Wii U. I did a LOT of surveys to get that gift card, but it was well worth it and I intend to do more.

I'm really excited that Nintendo has made the Miiverse available now for PC and smartphone devices. It's neat to be able to see posts from consoles (which are still technically a type of computer) interacting with computers. I like that I can also post from any PC or Mac, but the downside is that you cannot create a new post, but merely reply to an existing one thus far.

I'm enjoying the artwork and witty banter from some of the posters. There are lots of talented artists and it's inspiring to see such dedication to each series.

I'll be going back to my seasonal occupation in retail so I can make some money for textbooks for next semester as well as extra cash for future video game purchases (if possible). Nonetheless, I want to (ideally) post something new every Friday (or every other Friday).